William Braddock – Artist

Aloha my name is William Braddock, I am the owner and primary artist at Pila Fashion Design.  The name comes from the Hawaiian translation of my nick name, “Bill”.  The story starts on July 26, 2014 in Honolulu Hawaii, about midnight I am riding a moped in the Moilili neighbor when SUDDENLY I am struck by a car that failed to yield the right of way.  I woke up the next morning in the Neuro-tramua ward at Queens Hospital. Just the a couple days before my art was displayed on a Jumbotron in New York City’s Times Square as part of the #seemetakeover promotion. 

SeeMe takeover promo
SeeMe takeover promo NYC Times Square.
July 24, 2014

I was not able to get my hands and brain to work together.  I had to learn to get my hands and brain to work together again. I ask the nurses and friends to give me some colored pencils and/or crayons to draw with.  Drawing or making art has a way of calming me down and relaxing me.  It would also help me to get my hands and brain working together again. I made some drawing of some hibiscus flowers from some photos on my phone ad decided that they were pretty good.  I already had a small collection of art and photos on the Fine Art America website.  I knew I could have reproductions of my work made for sale.   I had heard of other sites like, Cafepress and Zazzle.  I decided to look for other sites where I could make other products. I found Redbubble and later I found Rageon.  These sites gave me the ability to put my art on clothes.  With that inspiration a fashion business was born.

The following year in 2015 I had my work displayed in the Louvre as part of the Exposure Awards.  The art work was published in a book the “Ultra Color Collection”.

Pele's Fire displayed in the Louvre 2015
Pele’s Fire displayed in the Louvre 2015
Exposure Award Letter 2015
Exposure Award Letter 2015
The Exposure Awards Book - Ultra Color Collection
The Exposure Awards Book – Ultra Color Collection


In the fall of 2015 I had Pele’s Fire displayed at Art Basel in Miami FL.

I was a Human Resources Development major, I had wanted to advance my career and become a corporate trainer.  But now I realized that life can throw you unexpected curves. So I changed my major to to Integrated Multimedia.

I also had my Art in the Hawaii Pacific University publication “Wanderlust” for 2016.